MaxCyte Minutes Newsletter – September 2023

CRISPR Electroporation of T Cells Improves Treatment in Patients with Refractory Cancer

Welcome to the latest edition of our Quarterly MaxCyte Minutes Newsletter. As your partner in scientific advancement, we are thrilled to offer you a compilation of news, events, and technical insights. We’re excited to accelerate your research journey from concept to commercialization.

We are privileged to join you on your transformative journey, unlocking the potential of cells to change lives. Thank you for choosing MaxCyte® as your partner in pushing boundaries and bringing new therapies to patients.



MaxCyte® Establishes New Scientific Advisory Board Comprised of Globally Recognized Experts in Cell Engineering Enabling Technology

MaxCyte welcomes four dynamic scientists to our Scientific Advisory Board: Oliver Rando, Marcela Maus, Avery Posey, Jr., Ph.D., and Nako Nakatsuka, Ph.D.

“With the formation of our Scientific Advisory Board, we are expanding the depth and breadth of our leadership team and scientific expertise with the next generation of leaders in the field of gene and cell therapy,”
– MaxCyte CEO Doug Doerfler.
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Strategic Partnerships News

We are thrilled to announce the signing of a strategic partnership with Catamaran Bio, a company focused on developing novel off-the-shelf chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-NK cell therapies to treat a broad range of cancers.

We are honored to help Catamaran Bio further their CAR-NK cell therapy programs with our Flow Electroporation® technology and ExPERT™ platform. This collaboration marks a pivotal milestone in the quest in developing innovative solutions for complex diseases like cancer.



Decoupling Electroporation Buffer from RUO Processing Assemblies

We would like to remind you that we will no longer automatically include electroporation buffer with RUO processing assemblies. This change addresses customers’ requests to help reduce waste and alleviate storage issues, and aligns with our Corporate Responsibility efforts toward environmental sustainability.

Our proprietary electroporation buffer is available in 100 mL and 500 mL bottles, and in 500 mL and 1 liter bags.

Name Catalog #
OC-25×3 SOC-25×3
R-50×3 ER050U3-10
R-50×8 ER050U8-3
OC-100 RUO SOC-1
OC-100×2 SOC-1×2
OC-400 RUO SOC-4
CL-1.1 RUO SCL-1
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Webinar: Memory-rich CAR-T cell engineering by piggyBac transposon system for solid malignancies

Now available on demand, view our webinar with Dr. Shigeki Yagyu, M.D., Ph.D., Professor at Shinshu University. Learn about the novel development of piggyBac® transposon-based CAR T (PB CAR T) cells. A GMP-compliant manufacturing process generated CAR T cells with a predominant stem cell memory-like phenotype. PB CAR T cells demonstrated sustained anti-tumor cell killing during multiple rechallenges in vitro and debulked tumors in vivo. A clinical study of PB CAR T cells for solid tumors is underway to evaluate their safety and efficacy.




MaxCyte® Flow Electroporation Enables Immunocytokine Manufacturing

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Cenk Sumen, recently contributed to a Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News article offering insights into transient protein expression and its ability to transform bioproduction.



Photo of Doug Swirsky

Interview with Lubna Hindi, Manufacturing Engineer

In this issue, Lubna Hindi, shares with us her passion for working at MaxCyte as a Manufacturing Engineer focused on Technical Assessments. Her work in the biotech industry presents daily challenges that require-innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

“We discussed the optimization of electroporation conditions with MaxCyte researchers…This experience helped us a lot in the development of our T cell product and we were very impressed with the kind and reliable discussions with the MaxCyte team.”



Meeting on the Med – Apr 12 – Apr 14, 2023, Barcelona, Spain

Onco Cell Therapy Summit – Apr 26 – Apr 27, 2023, Boston, MA


ASGCT – American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy – May 16 – May 20, 2023, Los Angeles, CA

ISCT – Intl Society for Cell & Gene Therapy – May 31 – Jun 3, 2023 Paris, France

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