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We've spent over 20 years perfecting the art of cell engineering and venturing beyond today's process to innovate tomorrow's solutions. Our ExPERT™ instruments feature best-in-class electroporation technology combining high efficiency and cell viability with seamless scalability, all backed by a global team of technical and regulatory experts providing ongoing support.

We provide the spark of collaboration empowering research into treatments and cures that will transform human health. Chart your best course with MaxCyte.

We are thrilled to support CRISPR Therapeutics and Vertex Pharmaceuticals in celebrating the approval of their MaxCyte-enabled groundbreaking CRISPR/Cas9 gene-edited cell therapy, exa-cel™ for the treatment of sickle cell disease. Learn More...

Research Applications

Cell Therapy

Discover scalable engineering to enable safe and potent cell therapies.

Cell Based Assays

Produce assay-ready cells faster with scalable electroporation.

Antibody & Protein Production

Accelerate biotherapeutic development with transient expression for gram-scale protein production.

Viral Vector Production

Transfect adherent or suspension cells to produce a variety of viral vectors.

Gene Editing

Navigate the complexities of genome engineering with highly efficient delivery.


Innovate vaccine research with our adaptable platform for production of recombinant proteins, virus-like particles and more.

Our customers are priority number one for MaxCyte


The equipment is reliable, and the customer service is the best I've ever experienced in a biotech company.

Joshua Sasine, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


User friendly interface, well established protocols, and (a) supportive MaxCyte team.

Akitsu Hotta, Associate Professor at the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University


We use (the) MaxCyte ATx for T-cell gene editing. It enables us to achieve high knockdown efficiency. Easy, convenient and reproducible.

Menggui Huang, Principal Scientist


We discussed the optimization of electroporation conditions with MaxCyte researchers, who provided us with more than 15 optimization programs, and finally found the best one for the manufacture of genetically modified T cells. This experience helped us a lot in the development of our T-cell product, and we were very impressed with the kind and reliable discussions with the MaxCyte team.

Shigeki Yagyu, Professor at Shinshu University


Without MaxCyte, we would not have been able to scale our process to the level needed for our clinical program. Compared to other platforms evaluated, with MaxCyte's large-scale, closed-system electroporation process, we are able to drive down COGS, derisk the process, and have a reliable unit operation for gene editing.

Anonymous, director at a United States biotech


With the continued support from research specialists that is included with purchase of the machine, we are confident in our ability to optimize our transfections. No other company offered this kind of support. The importance of this service cannot be understated as there is continual turnover in the lab.

Anonymous, graduate student at a United States university


For our lab, we are new to the technology, and so we wanted to partner with a company that offered great products and great customer service. They are willing to go the extra mile to help their customers with any questions or problems they may be having. They are generous with their time and patiently go through the training process with our team.

Joe Huey, Development Technologist I


Expertise. Expertise combined with a scalable device. Expertise in the field.

Anonymous, postdoctoral student at a United States university


The technical representatives are knowledgeable and very eager to help and develop solutions in any endeavor. Also, they are very proactive with sharing new developments.

Anonymous, scientist at a global biomedical company


My company had chosen MaxCyte to meet both its research and GMP-scale electroporation needs.

Anonymous, scientist at CRISPR Therapeutics

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See how MaxCyte technology is advancing our partners' biomedical innovations

Application Note
Triple-Engineered NYCE cells as T Cell Therapy for Refractory Cancers
Clinical Scale Delivery of nS/MARt Vectors for CAR T Cell Engineering
Application Note
Highly Efficient CAR T Cell Engineering, with CRISPR and Single-Stranded Cas9 Target Sequences.

We're here throughout your journey

Because bringing a new therapeutic to market is a long and complex endeavor, we offer our expertise to support your innovations and chart a more direct course to success.

The benefits of our collaborative approach can be seen in over 35 clinical trials. Our technology has enabled studies by leaders in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research developing treatments for a variety of indications including cancer, heart disease, central nervous system disorders and rare genetic diseases.


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MaxCyte Establishes New Scientific Advisory Board Comprised of Globally Recognized Experts in Cell Engineering Enabling Technology


Mar 08, 2023

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